Leben mit der Gräflich Münsterschen Manufaktur

I am so happy, to announce you, that from now on, our splendid designs for interiors and accessories are also accessible to our friends from America in their home country. As our divers products are made on demand locally, they will save on postage & delivery time. The menu point „Made in USA“ leeds you to all these products.

Under the menu point „Made in Germany“ you will find all our german produced products which, of course, can be dispatched world wide.

Our german name GRÄFLICHNSTERSCHE MANUFAKTUR * being such
a tongue twister to anybody but the germans, has internationally been changed
to: CountessofBerlin.com – Please tell your friends about it.

Cordially yours

*Should you care to exercise it, you’ll find a training tape in the sidebar :)


And here some impressions of living with the Countess of Berlin

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